Sunday, May 16, 2010

Before I Was Cool

Yep, I think this is the post you'll look back on and say, I knew of that guy before he was cool. Big things are happening for me right now, and I think you'll be glad you read this, but befor I get started, I want to thank everyone who has signed onto the Christopher Moonlight mailing list and/or facebook page, as well as the other pages that I have been privileged to work on. Your support means more to be than you'll ever know. Okay, let's get started with the big news.

Come see me next Saturday at The Weekend of Horror! I'll be signing and doing sketches from 2PM to 4PM on Saturday, May 22nd, but my artwork will be on display and for sale there, as well as prints, the whole weekend. It takes place at the LAX Marriott. CLICK HERE for more info.

Moonlight Art Magazine is going digital, but don't worry, we're still in print. For those of you with I Pads and I Phones, you'll soon be able to read my wonderful art magazine electronically, through those devices. Then, when you feel you must own a hard copy, you can order them here. The best part is we will soon be offering hardcovers for those who like to show off their book cases. I know I do. So, what do we have coming up for Moonlight AM? Only Eddie Campbell, Chet Zar, and John Higgens, just to name a few. We've also got more comics, including The Temp by Frank Kane, Children of The Sacred Tree, written by David Paul (who also does all of our comic book lettering) and a super secret project written and drawn by me. Also, look for coming very very soon.

Then there's the movie news! (I know, when do I sleep?) The first sneak preview of Negative, a short film I have written and I am directing with actor and producer Jeremy Hanes, and special effects by Rich Goddard, is up now on You Tube. CLICK HERE to watch it, and be sure to leave a comment. We've very excited about this one, and will be taking it to the film festivals, once it is done. Be sure to keep your ears out for during the opening credits for the song Gasoline, written and preformed by Death By Dolls. It will blow your mind. After that it's on to our fetcher length movie, Advent.

Be sure to check out my other projects I'm involved, in progress, including Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey, and Passport To Explore. More news on those coming soon.

...and if you got through all of that, thank you. When I'm a famose, big shot, artist, you'll be able to say, I was into his stuff before it was cool.

-Christopher Moonlight

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